Moore Than Just A Doll


Original Creations by Little Reb

This is myself and Little Reb (Betty Burchfield) when we met  years ago

Unfortunately she passed away a few years back

She was s wonderful and talented lady.

She took me under her wing and had a lot of faith in me to make her dolls.

We developed a wonderful friendship and started working together at the same time.

This page is a tribute to a lovely lady and friend!


This is a Doll by Little Reb made in the likeness of Judith Moore



My Interpretation of Reb's dolls




Debbie & Betty Ruth

Betty Ruth

This is a look alike doll of the Real Betty Ruth

Jamie Marie

Jessica La Rue


Judith & Madison

More Pictures of Judith and Madison on their own pages

Judith      Judith Mountain Woman

Madison   Indian Madison


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